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Pixinkod QR Code FAQ frequent asked questions

How do I read a Pixinkod with my Smartphone ?

Reading a Pixinkod is simple. Your Smartphone should be equipped with:

• a camera

• an Internet access

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"Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" supports the reading of QR codes, Datamatrix and bar codes (17 known formats).
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What do I do if the Pixinkod that I want to read is not detected by my "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application ?

Check that your medium is flat and that the Pixinkod is deformed as little as possible.

Insure that the code is as intact as possible and that it is in a location which is lit up enough to be read (otherwise use the “torchlight” provided with the “Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader” application).

Check that there is not too much reflection on the Pixinkod which would disturb the readers.

Caution: Depending on the model of the mobile, the cameras which come with (and which are necessary for reading a Pixinkod) have different resolution qualities and do not  come with a Flash.

My reader has correctly detected the Pixinkod but nothing appears ?

Check that your geographical position gives  you an optimal Internet connection (such as 3G or 4G). In case of bad reception, the offline mode switches on automatically.

The "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application will display the following message "Offline Mode Detected .” After validation on your part, the Pixinkod is then saved directly in the memory of the Smartphone. The application will then offer a synchronization when the network signal reception conditions become  acceptable.

If the link leads to the downloading of a file, check that the contents of the link are not too heavy because the waiting time before displaying could be longer.

Certain HD videos could also take more time to download.

Do Pixinkod mobile applications take up a lot of memory on the telephones ?

The "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application was developed to be practical and self-managed.

If you use the "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application and forget to close it, the processes in the background will close it by themselves so as to not impact the autonomy of your Smartphone and to not use up your memory uselessly (under Android).

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