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Pixinkod QR Code FAQ frequent asked questions

How do I create a Pixinkod ?

Creating a Pixinkod is quick and simple. You only need to create a user account and to use the Manager tool to generate a Pixinkod in a few seconds. From then on, you can download and distribute it.

Pixinkod and QR code Tool manager environment

1) Personalize your Pixinkod

You are in Manager tool, now click on "Insert image" button then upload your logo in JPEG format.

The Manager tool offers to generate a print preview. You can validate your project and go on to the production phase of your Pixinkod.

The optimal creation of a  Pixinkod® is directly linked to the quality of the uploaded image. Make sure that the following points are respected:

• Uploaded image format: JPEG.

• Minimum suggested size of image: 500 x 500 pixels.

• Maximum accepted size of image: 4096 x 4096 pixels.

• Maximum accepted weight of image: 3Mo.

• Choose an image with good resolution.

• Center the principal logo.

The Pixinkod will adapt itself to your logo whether it is square or rectangular .

Based on the quality of the uploaded image, Pixinkod offers you the output quality which is best adapted: compressed, standard, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD.

2) Define the parameters of your redirection link

Integrate your links into the "Redirection" button then follow page possibilities, cross the chosen links to activate multi links, then validate. Test the redirection links of your Pixinkod from the Manager tool.

Your Pixinkod has been now created!

Customize content pixinkod and QR code Manager tool environment 

3) Download and print your Pixinkod

Finally download your Pixinkod in JPEG format or in PDF (300dpi) following the needs.

Nota : HD, Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions are available with the S-Business and Professional Offers.

Which contents are supporter by Pixinkod ?

Pixinkods are multi-directional and allow to create a dynamic campaign aimed at a series of Webpages. You can modify their contents as many times as you want.

Offer original experiences from a mobile site, link to a string of video campaigns, redirect your publications towards a management community, share files or music, suggest a free and unlimited Wireless Access Point (Wi-Fi hotspot), and even locate a physical point of sale. Your imagination no longer has any limits.

Pixinkod QR code content URL
Web Adress

By scanning your Pixinkod, users are redirected towards a webpage and can discover a new experience.
A section reserved for video sharing, music sharing and social network  sites allows to redirect the users towards the associated specific contents.

Business Cards

Pixinkod offers VCard and MeCard formats. Users are redirected towards your professional or personal business card and can save your contact details directly on their Smartphones.

Pixinkod business card QR code content
Pixinkod QR code content WiFi
Wi-Fi Network

Pixinkod allows your users to access your Wi-Fi network. With a simple scan, Smartphones will be automatically connected.

Geolocation and Itinerary

Pixinkod allows your users to access your geolocation data and creates an itinerary to your store using the "Drive to store" mode.

Pixinkod QR code content Geolocalisation drive to store
Pixinkod QR code content Cloud
Downloading Documents to the Cloud

By scanning your Pixinkod, you can make printed documents available to your users (a catalog, a company brochure, a user manual, etc.).

Find out more about the specifics of our service offers

Pixinkod are original, modern and lots of fun !

I would like to test the offer before commiting myself.

You have the possibility of testing Pixinkod during one month. This period can be extended by a yearly subscription.

How can I create several Pixinkods ?

Our service offers allow you to order several Pixinkods. Your Pixinkods are accessible by way of the Manager tool.

How do I modify the directional links of the Pixinkod ?

You only need to identify yourself on your personal and secure account to make all of the modifications that you would like by way of the Manager tool.

What are the guarantees that of my Pixinkod is unique ?

Your Pixinkod is, by definition, ultra-personalized because of the logo you have chosen to insert in it.
The cryptology algorithm, which is the exclusive property of KEYKOD SAS, guarantees that the tags of your Pixinkod are unique and secure, and that only your Pixinkods lead to your contents.

Are my Pixinkods royalty free ?

Freedom of Use

Pixinkods give you an owner’s space which is personal, exclusive, confidential and unique. Pixinkods are delivered in the form of renewable licenses, in that they are not royalty free. Once they are created, your Pixinkods are free to be used during your subscription period. This signifies that you can use them as you want, particularly for commercial use.

Your Freedom engage Your Responsibility

The contents of your Pixinkods fully engages your responsibility. You are responsible for insuring that the contents respects the laws and regulations in effect,  particularly the regulations having to do with intellectual property  rights, image rights, rights of use, the operation of online services, e-commerce, copyrights, indecency and public order. More details available in our conditions of use. 

What are the "Best Practices" for Creatives ?

The size and the printing medium are key elements! The Pixinkod has to be big and visible enough to be recognized and decoded by the "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader."

Keep in mind:

Minimum Size

You should not offer a Pixinkod that is too small; this is, in fact, one of the most common errors. To be sure that your Pixinkod is legible, check that your logo stands out and that your brand is easily recognizable by your users.


Keep the size scale of the Pixinkod when blowing up or shrinking (The Pixinkod is usable in a 4 cm. X 3 cm. format, under certain conditions. Contact us for further information.). Make sure that you do not deform it. 

Reading Distance

The Pixinkod printing size, like that of the QR Code, depends on the distance at which the reader is going to scan it. Above all, you need to know on which medium you intend to distribute it : on a large billboard, on product packaging , during a museum tour, on a Website, etc.

Pixinkod has available a reinforced structure compared to other types of 2D code, which allows it to remain reliable even if it is not completely centered in the line of sight of the reader. The "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application means less constraints for your users.

Printing Medium

Never place two codes side by side on the same printed medium (2 side-by-side codes pose a problem of priority when being read by the application and can jam the scanner and thus, the user.).

Posters, magazines, T-shirts and coffee cups - the printing medium can be varied and original! But be careful - the medium sometimes creates reading difficulties. It is better to use a flat surface in order to make reading easier.  Be careful as well with printing surfaces and processes which are reflective or easily deformed.

Make sure that your users spot the Pixinkod with a simple glance on your printed medium. 

Reading Environment

In addition to the printing medium, you have to think about the environment in which you would like to distribute the Pixinkod. It has to remain LEGIBLE for the Smartphone and VISIBLE for your users! Avoid placing it too high or too low on your advertising billboard or in a dark location.

Pixinkods are designed to be flexible for city use and for open "shooting". Don’t hesitate using the "torchlight" mode offered with the "Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader" application.


Try out the Pixinkod to be sure of the experience that you are treating your users to (if it works for you, it will work for them).

User Message

It is necessary to include a short and simple message when distributing your Pixinkods, such as : "flash this code with Pixinkod free app" or "Flash it with Pixinkod free app" (accompanied by the logos of stores where the application is available).

Pixinkod and QR code contextualisation for users 
Pixinkod contextualisation example

How do I optimize my communication campaign ?

Knowing how a Pixinkod works and the possibilities it offers in terms of interactions with users is not an end in itself. Each communication campaign has to answer a certain number of criteria to hope to be successful.

Offer Added Value

This is the most important aspect for a successful deal. Pamper your users eager to interact with your brand.

Offer attractive contents such as promotions, extra information, discount vouchers, etc. Be inventive and offer a Call to Action for your audiences that they will not forget and that will generate word of mouth to drum up business for your brand. Providing a simple digital copy of your flyer will only set off a disappointing result for your users.

Favor a Mobile Destination Page for the User's Comfort.

When being redirected to a Webpage, the contents should not simply offer a true added value, it should also be adapted to a Smartphone format.

Indeed, we have all had the unpleasant experience of surfing on a Webpage with our Smartphone, and zooming to read the contents, which often leads to giving up because the Webpage is not “user-friendly.”

Favor an experience in touch with the mobile world with pages that are adapted.

Create a Call to Action between your users and your contents.

Offer a share function for your digital contents by way social networks.

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