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Pixinkod is the first mobile marketing platform dedicated to the creation of multi-format 2D codes.

Thanks to the globalized platform, you have access to a group of construction tool powerful and easy to use.

Create easy to uses and graphic Pixinkod 2D codes in color and high definition.

The unified interface offer a simple management solution dedicated to 2D codes from a personal account.

Direct your codes from afar and determine the interest of your users in real time, in a unique and secure place.

Start now to create and customize your first QR code with our free generator.

Pixinkod free custom QR code generator for color logo picture insertion

How to create a free QR Code with the Pixinkod
generator ?

Creating a free QR code with the online Pixinkod generator is fast and easy. You can have your QR code in a few clicks. It is possible to customize the QR codes to your image including your logo and colors and to then download it. And it’s completly free.

You have, to your disposition, a static or dynamic QR code generator that offers wide possibilities and give a whole panel of customization, letting you maximize your chances to become more attractive for your users and potential customers.

How to choose the appropriate technology for your QR Code ?

Before starting the creation of a 2D code, it is important to take a few moments to optimize your chances of success to create a useful QR code. We’ll let you take a few minutes to read our tutorial on how to determine what technology is the best suited to your every needs and those of your users as well.
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The first step is crucial :

Select: static or dynamic QR code in the free Pixinkod generator.

technological choice menu in free pixinkod Qr code generator to create dynamics or statics 2D barcode
You just made your most determining choice since it defines all the modification possibilities you will have available durint your use of the QR Code.

How to choose the QR Code's type of use ?

This second step is important. It determines your soon to be created QR code’s functionalities, the action your 2D code will offer once your user will have had scanned it.

Do you want a redirection to a website’s URL or a mobile version or a video or a social media ?

Or do you want it to pre-dial a phone number ? start the creation of an e-mail? Manage a WiFi connection? Offer your business card ? start a text ? manage the location of a geographical point?

Once this choice made, you are ready to fill the fileds necessary to complete your actions.

Customization choice menu in free pixinkod Qr code generator to create full graphicals 2D barcodes

How to customize a QR Code ?

Third step : the free Pixinkod QR code generator lets you customize your QR code.

Add a plain color, make a gradiation, determine the gradiation’s angle of inclination and add your logo to your QR code.

Personnalisation du QR Code pour le générateur de QR code gratuit de Pixinkod

Nota bene : The "Error Correction Level" insures the better legibility of the QR code and is, by default, set to "automatic".

If you are an advanced QR code user, you can manually set the correction level you want to apply to your code. If ever you are not, the "automatic" mode will find you the best solution.

How to visualize the static QR Code I created ?

For a static QR code click on the "generate" button to visualize your classic QR code or customize it to your image.

The generator will offer you a glimpse of your QR code set with your criterias and logo.

Test it! It is possible to modify or generate a new one if needed.

Download it to then print it
QR code static made with Pixinkod free generator

How to visualize the dynamic QR Code I created ?

QR code dynamic made with Pixinkod free generator
For a dynamic QR code click on "Continue" button to finish the process and access the free services associated to your free QR code in your personal space.

Moreover you will be able to try out a visual Pixinkod 2D code without obligation for a month.
Try it out!

How to test and read my QR Code after generating it ?

Beware :

Always test your QR code to ensure its legibility and make sure to do so with a real reader like a smartphone or a tablet.

To test and read all 1D and 2D codes, Pixinkod made a free app called :
Pixinkod Barcode and QR Reader available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Download the mobile app to scan 2D codes for free now !
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