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Easily create your own QR code with our free generator. Static or Dynamic, choose what technology is best for you.

Customize your QR code with your own colors and logo, as you wish or, make the choice of

QR Codes: two different types of technology

Static QR Code

The static QR code offers the possibility to encode directly information inside the QR code. The information is fixed and non-modifiable once the code has been created and especially once it is printed.

Free QR code logo customizated example created with Pixinkod free QR Code generator

The advantages of static QR Code :

Readable by all the market's readers

Direct access: it is not necessary to have an internet connection to read a static QR Code (business card or raw text), the data being directly stored within the QR Code.

But beware ! For such data as a URL, an internet connection will stay vital to actually load the page on the mobile device.

The static QR code handicaps :

Dimensioning next to content:  the more data you store inside the static QR code (name, address, profession, e-mail, website, phone number, …) the bigger it will be, making it less visually attractive.

Lower adaptability on smaller prints: the bigger a static QR code is, the more you need to reduce its size on small mediums making it sometimes quite hard to read by a mobile device

Quasi impossible modifications after diffusion : If ever you were to change any of your contact information, may they be mail, phone number, address, …, the information on your static QR code would become obsolete and would force you to reprint every communication mediums.

No feedback : Static QR codes do not let you evaluate the impact of any of your marketing campaigns.

If it is necessary to make the address of destination evolve after the creation of the code, it is necessary to anticipate this possibility BEFORE creating the static QR code. It would be preferable to orient yourself to a dynamic 2D code to be able to let you make any modification you may need thereafter.

Dynamic QR Code

Contrary to the static QR code, the dynamic QR code is often a "compressed" link. This URL is constant in size inside the QR code itself. The QR code doesn’t have any "direct" link with the raw data of, for example, your business card since all information is stored on a distant data server.

This technology offers the advantages of the ability to make modifications or adjustments on the server without ever touching your printed QR codes. It leaves you the opportunity to change any and all information you may need to.

The advantages of the dynamic QR code:

• Readable by all of the market’s readers

Control the size of your QR code: this compressed link lets you decrease the dynamic QR code’s size and facilitate its implantation on smaller mediums of communication compared to more voluminous static QR codes. The dynamic QR code will stay constant in size whatever the size of information it links to on the distant servers.

Better visibility: The dynamic QR code is more visible compared to a static one of the same size.

Better legibility: The dynamic QR code is more legible by a mobile device and more accessible to your users.

Unlimited modifications: it is possible to modify the contents during the use of the dynamic QR code without any modification to your communication mediums.

Feedback: A distant data server lets you collect precious information to determine the impact of your communication campaigns.

The dynamic QR code Handicaps :

Internet data connection required: It is necessary for the user to have a working data connection to actually use your dynamic QR codes.

Your curiosity is not satisfied ? You seeking a new approach ?

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Free Pixinkod logo customizated example created with Pixinkod generator
In that case, look no further Pixinkod the ultra-visual 2D code is made for you !

Keykod has developed an exclusive know-how in the world of 2D codes to the point of developing its own format baptized Pixinkod, fully customizable and dedicated to marketing and visual communication.
This format is natively integrated in our platform of mobile marketing as well as our free mobile reader app.

The mobile Pixinkod Barcode and QR Code Reader is distributed on iPhone, iPad and Android.
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